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directx 9.0c..help..plz. i have a 6-7 year comp..and i dont wont the new directx

By wind247 ยท 5 replies
Nov 14, 2004
  1. directx 9.0c..help..plz. i have a 6-7 year old comp/how do i uneistall 9.0

    I dont have anygames.my comp is about 5 to 7 years old,and i dont play games on it no more..but now i use bt for anime and videos. but now something happen i had to reload my windows.( to make the story short. i was trying my best to fix everything after the window obeartion system crash/..everything was going fine. my files where ok. but then divx would not play .first i dl all the codec i need and i thought i was dont. tell. it ask me to reinstall direct x. but will yea. i didnt now how to do that. bcuz i dont have a cd that has directx. .so i left alone for lil while.bcuz i was mad. and i was looking into what to do.when my cousin dl direct x 9.0c without telling me. trying to fix reinstall erro.but . it still wont play. and when i check out direct x. setteings it will tell error:Problem getting extra display info code =0x8876024e(error code) and when i try to test the directdraw. it said Directdraw test results:Faliure at step 9(creating primary surface): HRESULT =0X8876024E(error code)

    so what should I do.... i can not buy any new drives for it.and i im still going crazy when it keeping asking me to reinstall it . everytime i try to play divx...im real need help. im lost...so..im asking what should I DO..plz help!!

    plz. i been reading ur post.. dont tell me i need new drives. bczu i real cant do that...and my cousin left. so he gone and he wont do anything to help fix it.
    i need to knoe is there anyother way to fix this.

    my cousin. i dunno. what he did. he told first he dl directx 8 and divix did not play then he dl 9.0 and he even dl the 8.0 again. but i know that it would not work/./and besides isnt that bad. doesnt 9.0 have be uneinstall...(yea..how can i take out directx9.0c) i had idea.to take it out. even thoe thats bad. and useing on of my games that should have the directx on it. and installe it. but how do i even uniestall directx 9.0?
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,488

    Which version of windows are you using?
    And what videocard do you have?

    (And what is your cpu, though this is mostly out of curiosity)
  3. wind247

    wind247 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Windows 98 se.the cpu. its from computerpacers/driver info manufacturer ati tec-enhanced chip type mach64:ragepro memory 8 mb software version 5.30-cd5 im not real good with comps. i just use this for hw.and bt, and so on.
  4. ArcheR

    ArcheR TS Rookie

    i know you dont want to hear this but this sounds like driver probs. maby your video driver files have been corrupted.
    finding new drivers is not as hard as you seem to think.
    firstly you need to find your exact video card. easyist way is go my computer> control panel> divice manager> Display
    I think this is correct for win 98 (its been a while since i ran that OS). this should show your hardware.
    run a google search for drivers for your video card and install. you shouldent have to pay anything for them. have a look on driverfiles.com.
    i recomend that you update as many drivers as you can.

    failing that you can always format your HD and start fresh
  5. benj.sinister

    benj.sinister TS Rookie


    The story went like this:

    Before, I was able to play the Sims 2.. I upgraded my Windows XP version to Windows XP SP2. When I opened the Sims 2 it says that I have no compatible DirectX9.0c graphics adapter. I downloaded EVEREST HOME Edition.. It says I have a Display adapter - VIA/S3 Unichrome Pro and also a 3D accelerator.

    The problem I think is my system cannot detect my DISPLAY DRIVER.. In dxdiag, it says I'm using the generic video driver. It says my main driver is: vga.dll.. Anyone who can help me? I think it cannot detect video driver and disabled the graphics controller. How can I enable the graphics controller?

    anyone, please mail me I would greatly appreciate it! justinmejos@gmail.com
  6. jblack08

    jblack08 TS Rookie

    simply go to google and search for sp2 (service pack 2) and download it from a NON microsoft site ... try www.softwarepatch.com/windows/xpsp2.html . the download will take a while but your computer should read the new sp2 and recognize the 9.0c dont know if you are still having the problem as the post on here is pretty old but i hope it helps anyways or helps in the future with someone else if they have the same problem.
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