Dish Network signs licensing deal with Scripps for upcoming Internet TV service

By Shawn Knight
Sep 17, 2014
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  1. Dish Network on Tuesday bolstered the channel lineup of its upcoming Internet TV service courtesy of a multi-year contract renewal with Scripps Networks Interactive. The agreement includes streaming rights for over-the-top (OOT) live content as well as video-on-demand content according...

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  2. wiyosaya

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    Being a former Dish Network customer, or "cord hater" by their terms, all I have to say to Dish Network is a purposely very loud NOT INTERESTED!

    I have four OTA tuners now which takes care of my live needs, Hulu + paid for by Bing points, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and show subscription that costs about $4.00 per month. My total bill, minus internet, is $16.00 / mo. Why on earth would I bother to resubscribe at $30/mo for a bunch of junk I could care less about. What they are offering is still junk I could care less about and no sign of ala-carte that might actually give me channels I am interested in.

    Last night on PBS' series Marketplace, I heard an interview with the Showtime CEO. He made a statement that I found interesting which was "As long as any one has two or three shows that they watch regularly, then I think they will maintain their subscription." I thought WTF? Is this guy completely out of touch with reality or what?

    To his model, since I do have more than three shows I am interested in, I should have continued to spend $87 / mo just to see those shows the moment they air? I found myself thinking this guy is crazy!! My take is that all the shows that I watch are eventually on some service I already have within a reasonable period of time after they first air, so I'll wait.

    In my opinion, the industry is addicted to this buy a bunch of junk from us and pay us your arms, legs, and all your children model, and they will soon learn that there is a growing number of people out there who refuse to buy from these "drug dealers."

    They remind me of the CEO in the news about a year ago that fired all kinds of employees in a cost cutting measure, then redecorated his office to the tune of a million dollars US. Clearly, from my standpoint, these people are so far out of touch with reality that they must have just landed on Earth from some distant planet.

    PS - I cannot wait to tell my wife about this, it will be her humor for the day! ;)
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