Disk Boot Failure

By jacob_id
May 30, 2008
  1. I Wanted To Partition My Harddrive into to partitions so i could have win xp and win 2000 on the same harddrive. I have a 80gb Samsung HDD Harddrive And I Have 512mb Ram With AMD Sepron 3000+ And My Comp Is Hp Pavillion a1000. I Used Nortan Partition Magic And Selected Install New Oparating System And It Partitioned The Right Amount Of Space For Win 2000 To Be Installed Which Was 8.5 Gb Of Space And Applied The Changes, It Asked Me To Reboot My System So I Did. After I Rebooted My System And It Brought Up A Blue Screen With 4 Steps With Percentages. After They Were Finished My Computer Automaticly Rebooted Itself And Now When I Start It Up It Says 'Disk Boot Failure' I Have Done This Before And It Hasent Happened Before. :confused:
    Can Anybody Help Me Please Because I Have Months Of Work And Movies And I Don't Want To Lose Them.
    Thanks. :grinthumb
  2. wii-ste

    wii-ste TS Rookie Posts: 163

    If you actually re-partitioned rather than re-sizing the partitions, the data is probably lost :|
  3. Matthew

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    Might want to take a look at your HDD from an outside source, perhaps Knoppix or attach your HDD to another PC. If your data is there, extract it for safe keepings and put it back in your system (or power down without Knoppix in your optical drive). Boot up with an XP CD and either run a repair installation on the partition that has XP installed, or, boot into the Recovery Console and enter the commands "fixmbr" and "fixboot".

    If your data isn't on the HDD, wii-ste is probably correct about the fact that you've deleted the partition. It can be recovered by a number of applications out there, however, I'm not sure what ones are free. If this is the case (your data is missing) do not read/write to the drive at all until you work out a method of retrieving the lost data. Doing so will only make the situation that much hairier.
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