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By godmarin
Aug 25, 2010
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  1. Ok so i got this $2000 PC that flails everything that it displays when i go into my folders even computer when i go in that the icons go blank and look the same
    when i go in to a file or folder or open a picture when its blank its send everything everywhere i can see but not desktop no no no it has nothing wrong with THAT! i can't do anything and no i will NOT! get a anti-virus program cuzz all of them are useless(don't even speak just keep reading) but if u pay the max amount of money then it could work. if u don't even know what ur doing here please get some one that dose. you know some one that would stop some one and say "no, what your telling him/her is not true". I need REAL help REAL SMART not telemarketer dumb.
    sorry just can't do anything and its not my video-card cuzz it wouldn't mess with my desktop to but it don't hope then time i can get help sry i have experience in the field of: WOW that did not help at all, and .....no one has this problem(and never dose).
    so sorry if i seem just a little frustrated.+ u know what its like(don't lie).

    OMG even the cloak makes everything move around,pc info HP window vista home, firefox works just fine no visual problems. and word things simply please. thank you

    ok i copeyed a folder from a game and pasted it in a folder on my desktop and forgot to rename it from ICONS to somthing else. as i was deleting the pictures in there it happoned,
    first i Left-click the picture's icon to highlight it(select it) then press the Delete-Key (under insert-Key and beside End-Key)nothing would go wrong but after a bit of doing it, it would seem like i was doing it a bit faster then when i started(might help) and it just blanks everything out but the boarders and the icon i had selected, the icons and text(Anything thats not a form of Background) would pop back up when i slide the cursor(mouse) over the icons and text even cloak and start-button would be blank unless i slid over it with the cursor, i even had it as bad as when i was at my desk-top(nothing open) i could click my start-button and it would pop up as a light-blue-blurry lens(Vista Home-Pre) like it wasn't Claretine-clear(lol)

    ok update i have downloaded a screen camera so i can show u guys, and so far it seems to be the cursor and seems like where ever the cursor go's (files&folders) it auto changes settings or somthing i hope this vid will help u help me i really! hope so

    wow i have to post it on youtube lets hope this works(to many things i have to get around)
    the link will be here soon i hope
  2. godmarin

    godmarin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya youtube is not leting me upload vids im really frustrated

    now i can't use my start menu anymore W.T.H i really need help
  3. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    One possible option:
    Backup your important documents and format your drive. Once you have a fresh install of Windows, get a free anti-virus application.

    BTW, did the system ever work properly?
  4. godmarin

    godmarin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya i can't no money for it and when i got this PC they said they don't give out the disk
    if i wip my hard drive the only seemingly way to need to reinstall windows and the pc of course work properly when i got it and id have many problems down the road that no one can help with and i have really bad memery so no i wont be able to till u the past problems cuzz they were never resolved and so i never learned anything from it
    now i have to destroy my pc and save up anough money to buy the operating system
    no i have no back up did not have enough money at the time and well never did not even enough for a anti-virus so should i just throw it out? i can't back anything up and the only reson i have a pc is for thos things i have on it that i can't ever get again so wiping it will just end with a none working pc and will never work cuzz i aint have the money and never will so that one option is null and void anything else?

    i hope ppl can be online after 12:01pm and before 12:01am couse i allways wait like 3+ days for a replay and witch every time is a question at least u can up say what i need to do then see whats up with the hole pc, i think thats cool, but whats importent is getting the windows from messing up when ever i open one lol once i held a window and moved it around and it would do nothing but flicker like crazy and from the start i could not see or open what is in thoughs files and folders and i still can't so far restarting my pc helps alittle but comes right! back full force i thought some one was attacking me lol but it seems to be something like explorer or what ever but ya that 1option is a no go.

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