Display Tech Compared: TN vs. VA vs. IPS


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I have used many different sorts of LCD/LED/OLED tv sets as monitors for almost 10 years now. Never had any serious problems with burn-in, on some older models the Windows taskbar would burn in occasionally but then it'd disappear completely after playing fullscreen content for about 40 minutes to 1 hour.
If that had been the case, it'd have entered mass production a long time ago. But I'd personally take OLED's burn-in possibility over those trash LCD monitors.


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VA panel for gaming???

Just about everyone I see in forums discussing getting a VA panel for gaming, regrets it because of 'smearing' issues with fast movements.
Disagree strongly there, I have 3xVA monitors including the ROG Strix XG35VQ and have no complaints for 'smearing' issues with fast movements, playing CSGO, Payday 2, Apex Legends, Battlefront 1/2 , Battlefield 1 as far as first person they are all smooth and look waaay better than my IPS and TN monitors.


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Steven Walton, who runs the Hardware Unboxed channel, is our Features Editor; hence the connection.
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