Dlink DIR-825 new Firmware 2.03NA - your thoughts

By resolute
May 1, 2010
  1. I flashed my DIR-825 to the new F/W 2.03NA.
    Wireless is a little slower, but range is 15 feet further.
    Could be due to local conditions.

    Per GRC.com all ports are stealth, not just closed!!

    Any one else using it?
    If so, what are your experiences?

    Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. tipstir

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    Firmware tweaks or fixes code commands. So prior to your firmware update how was the wireless?
  3. resolute

    resolute TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The router is
    DIR-825 H/W rev:B
    For F/W 2.02NA
    At 25 feet connection varied from 243 to 300 mbps- megabits per second - not bytes
    Throughput was slow, maybe not reported correctly.
    Port 0 and 1 showed as closed, not stealth.
    If a port can be found, sooner or later someone is coming in on some port.

    For F/W 2.03NA
    At 25 feet connection varies from 117 to 130 mbps
    Throughput is about the same rate.
    Per Dlink @
    ¤ Supports Ipv6 spec v1.08.
    ¤ Fixed: IPv6 6in4 issue.
    ¤ Fixed: DHCP Reservation misspelling issue.
    ¤ Fixed: WPS Push and Pin issue.
    ¤ Supports 12/24 time format function.
    ¤ Fixed: PPPoE re-connect issue.
    ¤ Fixed: BT issue.
    ¤ Supports SIP LAN to LAN.

    All ports showing as stealth.
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