DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address

By pyromaster114
Nov 19, 2012
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  1. So we have a server at one of the places I work that is a domain controller and DNS server, as well as an smtp server.

    The domain is named companyname.com.
    The website is, you guessed it, companyname.com.

    Now why they set this up like this, I don't know, but because they have, every now and then, the DNS server decides to point companyname.com to the domain controller, and ignore the fact that I have a www Host(A) record pointing to the web server's external IP address, and a record saying that companyname.com should also point to the web server's address.

    The problem seems to stem from that when the server reboots for updates... it of course forces the DNS server records to update, and it puts an entry in there that contradicts my static records, with the domain controller's local address in for companyname.com

    Can I force it NOT to put a certain entry in there, or rather not update a certain entry that it has in there?
    Or can I force it to treat my static records as primary?

    I'm fairly new to this, as I've not dealt with this issue before... and I'm out of ideas. :(
  2. jobeard

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    Hmm; for the External DNS accessible to the web
    • create a CNAME for www.company.name
    • create another for dns.company.name.
    • each pointing to unique IP addresses
    • this dns ONLY supports publicly available services; NOTHING internal

    the Domain Controller should have a SEPARATE DNS, internal to the LAN, not accessible to the Web.
    Internal users configured to -> internal DNS which performs recursive lookup to your ISP's DNS.

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