Do not understand about the .eml extension

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Nov 26, 2008
  1. I have in my Special Folders in my email really neat forwards and send them out again at some time. Some I have had since early 2007, for example, this one: Fw: Life is Beautiful.eml (2481KB) (only it did not have that extension when I first received it, it had .pps)

    When I click on the .eml I am wondering why the extension would change from the original .wmv or .pps to the .eml.

    When I click on Download, on Life is Beautiful.eml (2481KB it takes me to Windows Live Email where there is an attachment; Life is Beautiful.pps (1.81MB). I click on that and open it and it opens in Power Point, as it should.

    I have gone to My Computer, Folder Options, File Types but cannot figure it out.

    I recently reinstalled Windows Live Email and I must have done something wrong, but not sure what.

    Anyone know? Thanks much.
  2. Bobbye

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    Suggest you either copy the email and save in the format of your choice. Or save the attachment to your hard drive, then set it up from there with the program to open it.
  3. foxygrandma

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    .eml extension

    Thanks so much.. Will try later this evening or tomorrow. If this 73-year-old brain gets confused, will get back to you. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all. :)

    Hmmm, each time I try to submit this, I have been getting Internet Explorer cannot display the web page. Just something else I will have to do a search about. Thanks again.

  4. Bobbye

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    Mmm, did you notice out locations? Our FL weather should hold for a few more days! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. foxygrandma

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    I see you are in Clearwater. Used to go to Clearwater Beach every other weekend in the 70s and part of the 80s. But it got so congested, and the high rises and hotels, it was not fun anymore.

    Yep, our gorgeous weather is here for a few days. But, as usual, in December or January we will get into the 30s and 20s for a bit.

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Anna Ruth

  6. Bobbye

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    Did you get the email problem worked out?
  7. foxygrandma

    foxygrandma TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I uninstalled Windows Live Messenger (thinking that would solve the problem), and went to Fwd: Puppeteer Extraordinarie.eml (5049KB) which originally was Christopher.wmv (3781KB). When I click on Puppeteer Extraordinarie.eml (5046KB),it shows this: No virus threat detected File: Christopher.wmv Download File. Then when I click on Download File, and I get to: Do you want to open or save this file, in the Type: area, it shows Windows Media Audio /Video file, 3.69MB.

    Well, I saved Christopher.wmv to my desktop, and it opens, as it should, in Windows Media Player. Now I have to figure how to get it back into my Yahoo email. I think I would have to compose a new message and attach it and send it to myself, then I can get it back into my Special Folder.

    When I click on Puppeteer Extraordinarie.eml (5046KB) and select Download File, it opens in Windows Live Mail with the attachment Christopher.wmv (3.69 MB), and in the blue title bar, it reads: Puppeteer Extraordinarie-Central European (Windows). Could that be why the extension changed from .wmv to .eml?

    I Went to IE View, Encoding and it was set at Western European ISO, so I changed it to Western European Windows, but yet when I go back to Encoding it has changed to Unicode (UTF-8), and it stays there. I am sure it should be set to Western European Windows, shouldn’t it? It did for along time, anyway. But do not know how to make it stay there.

    Maybe trying to solve this problem will help someone else. 

  8. Bobbye

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    I'm still not sure just what your problem is. The only place I have the encoding is in OE> Tools> Send> International>> and it is and should be set to Western European (ISO).

    It kind of sound like you're trying to handle both the email itself and the attachment together-that is, opening by one programs. You can't do that. Do a right click on the attachment and Save to your desktop. Open from there.

    If you then want to send that attachment on to someone else, set up the new mail> Attach> navigate to the desktop and choose the attachment you saved and send.

    I may be missing something here, but it sounds like you might be making something more complicated that it should be.
  9. foxygrandma

    foxygrandma TS Rookie Topic Starter


    If I right-click on this Life is Beautiful.eml (2481KB), I do not get the option to save
    And if I right-click on this: Life is beautiful.pps (1858KB) (which is in he middle of the screen) I do not get that option either. I get: Open, Open in new tab, open in new window, save target as, add to favorites, and others, but not Save. If I choose Open, nothing happens. If I click Send To, there is no Desktop to send it to. There is just: Blog this page,, Gmail this page, and SMS this page.

    Late last night I was finally able to get it to the desktop and sent it as an attachment, but now I have forgotten what I did. Duh! Hopefully, I will remember sometime. 

    In any event, I still just do not understand how, when this was originally a .pps extension when it was sent to me, it changed to a .eml etension. As I have mentioned before this has never happened until some gal, several weeks ago, sent me something with the ,eml extension

    I have serached about this extension and find statements like this:

    .EML files are used by other E-mail clients as well. Note: .EML files with "funny" names in multiple folders implies the Nimda worm. OE removes access to attachments using this file extension. However, using forward on the tool bar in OE the attachment shows as an envelope that if clicked opens the attachment (use caution if you do this, it could be a worm). Others have reported that importing the message into Outlook from Outlook Express works to make the attachment files visible. Note: This file type can become infected and should be carefully scanned if someone sends you a file with this extension.

    Maybe I have a worm. Hope not. I ran last night chkdisk for errors. Every evening I use Spybot, Super Antispyware, and a couple of other antispywares, and Avira is my antivirus Sometimes I switch to Avast. Maybe I should do that again as I notice Avira usually just shows adware.

    I did a clean install about five weeks ago and sure do not want to do that again for sometime. 

    I have several reistry backups and think I will try the one dated 11-15-08 and I named it Working Good. Will have to do that this evenng as I have to scoot now. Do not recall if the .eml problem was on there.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  10. Bobbye

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    The file extension changed because you save the entire email and attachment together as one.
  11. foxygrandma

    foxygrandma TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yes, I do, Bobbye, and always have. When I get a really neat .pps, wav, etc. I forward it and then put it in one of my Special folders I again forward maybe six months later. . Been doing this for years and never any problems until recently. I must have about 1,000 in my five Special folders.

    In any event, I installed Verizon PC Security Checkpoint and it found two viruses. Odd that Avast did not find it. I had uninstalled Avira and installed Avast and ran it. Nothing found. Then I uninstalled Avast and installed the Verizon PC Security Checkpoint which found the two. I then installed AVG free 8.0 as my antivirus, and it found nothing, since the Verizon had alredy cleaned it. I have not checked the Special folders yet to see if still a lot of them are .eml

    In any event, think I will just not fret about it any more.. Forgot that I cannot use the 11-15-08 registry backup as this problem started about three weeks ago and I deleted all of my October registry backups and I also had deleted all of my October restore points. So I am just stuck with it, but that is okay.

    Thanks again to all for the help and a very Merry Christmas to y’all. I am sure though, that with my luck, I will be baaaaack before then. 

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