Does Windows need more than one Anti-Malware program?

By abbasi
Jun 13, 2013
  1. Hello all,

    Malware is a malicious software which is consists of three separate kinds of virus, worm and Trojan. An AV like Kaspersky does the defense against all the three. While Windows (say, 7) has built-in firewall, UAC, Windows defender and if we ourselves input one great AV like the above one into the OS, does the Windows need another running AM still? If yes, should all those defense tools be running along with the Windows always?

  2. Broni

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    Windows Defender is a useless tool so you can safely disable it.

    Yes, it's a very good idea to have some antimalware tool aside from a firewall and an AV program.
    At this time the best tool would be Malwarebytes.
    You use paid for version which runs in real time and it won't interfere with your AV program or you can use free version with which you can use on demand scans. Once a week should be enough. Or at any time if you feel like your computer misbehaves.
  3. abbasi

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    I can't pay for that version (because of my local) so I need to use the free version one. Now if I sometimes (once a week) scan my Windows 7 by that, doesn't it cause to tension between itself and my AV?
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    Abbasi, you already have a thread for this issue. One thread per person per subject please.
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