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Don't know what the problem is...

By Rabb122
Mar 16, 2008
  1. So, on Tuesday of March 11th, my computer was not able to load anything to do with Direct3d. Games such as Americas Army and Call of Duty 4 will load then when it's about to go to the main menu it will bring my computer to a black screen and my monitor will say "No signal". The only way I can get out of this is by manually restarting my computer by holding the button down until it shuts off. Days have gone by of me and people I know trying to fix this, I have done a lot of different things. Everything that involves direct3d will not work, I can preform a stability test in my nvidia control panel - as soon as I start it up it will bring me to the black screen with "No Signal" and I have to turn it off by holding the button down, just like how I do when I load one of those 2 games up. It's the same exact thing. Earlier I was in my control panel and I was just looking at my settings with direct3d (Not moving the mouse or anything) and my computer crashed and did the same thing with the black screen and "No Signal". Also, in my dxdiag I go to test my direct3d and it will do the black screen with "No Signal" automatically causing it to fail, everything else in dxdiag will pass though. I have tried to fix this by:

    -Testing Power supply by taking out my sound card to see if the PSU was not giving enough power out.
    -Moved around RAM sticks
    -Changed video cards
    -Updated mobo chipset drivers
    -Updated bios
    -Tried many driver versions of my video card (Including most recent)
    -Tried only 1 stick of RAM instead of 2.
    -Reinstalled directx 9.0c
    -Installed Directx 9.0C with both disc and the internet
    -I read somewhere that mouse drivers might fix it, so I got the most updated mouse drivers as well
    -Updated sound drivers
    -I used driver cleaner and reinstalled certain ones
    -I even have reformatted my computer and after a reformat, the problem still exists.

    I attached my dxdiag. I'm not sure if it will save my results from the test since when I run a test on direct3d it crashes my computer and brings me to the black screen which makes me restart my computer..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    This Direct3d problem is only caused by 2 things mainly:
    Bad or corrupt video driver
    Video card

    Try resetting the bios to failsafe defaults
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