Download of the Week: Battlefield 3 free, for a week


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As part of its "On the House" initiative, Origin has just added another high profile title to its list of free PC games. Earlier this month, the service had the original Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition available free...

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Yay! Now everyone who has BF4 can join in on BF3 and experience what a partially decent battlefield is like :)


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Unfortunately, EA is turning off all the BF3 servers tomorrow. Have fun!

*Disclaimer- Post not to be taken seriously.


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Lol, I have not used my origin client for a while. upon learning of the free bf3, I wanted to post the news first in the forums but somebody already posted ahead of me. :)

since I don't have the necessary hdd space for the installer/installation, I just 'grabbed' the game before the 4-day offer expires. bf3 is the third freebie I received from ea's origin (dead space 1, pvz 1, bf3)


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It's very sweet and thoughtful of EA to do this (Sarcastic? Me? I'm appalled) but 20 gig is a lot for me to download on a 10 MB/s line. Anyway I might just take them up on the offer.


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I tried downloding this but Origin just incredibly sucks. First I can't retrieve my password cause their email doesn't appear in my inbox, then I created a new account and Battlefield 3 download keeps popping up errors every minute, it's impossible to download it...Nothing works in that goddamn Origin.