Download of the Week: CCEnhancer


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CCleaner has long been one of our favorite system optimization, privacy and cleaning tools. This free program makes it easy to clean temporary and unnecessary files that accumulate on your system over time, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. Besides scanning for things like obsolete registry entries or system files, CCleaner goes a step further by cleaning up temporary files from several common third-party applications as well.

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Great tip, glad to see its finally working, all the bugs have been sorted out since i last tried (Mainly the server being downed by massive traffic)


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how is it adding hundreds of programs.. i really dont see the difference... works fine just dont get whats different


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It only adds supported programs you have installed to the list so it's not clutted with "hundreds" of extra entries. And the new ones have red text.


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You must also be connected to the internet-
otherwise the program just freezes while updating the rules
*Defraggler Installer
*CCleaner Installer

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Edit: Just used the upgrade on a immoveable fragment as I posted here which I successfully navigated to and manipulated the offending file off my main drive.