Downloaded & installed Adobe Flash Player 10 but won't open

By macx
Mar 9, 2010
  1. Got the Flash uninstaller and ran it to clean out old versions per the Adobe site, then downloaded & run the new version. The Adobe site said the install was successful. I rebooted as directed.

    Tried to open a saved RealPlayer flv video download, didn't open (I've uninstalled RealPlayer). Instead the "choose app" window opened, and the Flash 10 wasn't listed.

    Went into Start Programs and it's not in there.

    Did a Search and nothing came up.

    Went into Remove Programs and it does show in there, but is listed
    as a Plugin. Don't understand exactly what that means.

    Why doesn't it show up in Programs, or in the Select Application window?

    Where does it say it's always got to be so complicated?

    Thx for explaining things to me!!
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