Dragon Age dropped frame rate

Hi all

This is my first post here so nice to meet you all and I hope you can help me

Okay, I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins on my laptop and last wednesday I had a break at school and wen't to play again.

Then I noticed the menu was slow so I started the game and I hade around 1 fps But that same morning my fps was just normal.

Since then it didn't change it's like playing dragon age with bullettime (slowmotion)

Ofcourse I did some research myself so here are a few things to exclude:

  • My fan is dust clean (the excess heat will slow your laptop down, mine is 2 weeks old so having this kind of problems would be strange)
  • I didn't instal any new drivers or updates
  • My laptop should be well equiped for Dragon Age

I did instal two programma's that day
  • SVN Tortoise (software to use my school's server)
  • OpenOffice (Free equivalent of microsoft office)

My laptop specs are:

Intel core I7 720Qm (1,6 ghz turbo > 2,8 ghz)
ATI Readon H5470

Hope you can help me out



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Did you install it recently? Have you got the latest update? Have you configured/modded the game in any way?


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Were you playing on battery at school and normally with it plugged in? Could be that you were running in a mode that lengthens battery life instead of going for performance. May wanna do a little research on SpeedStep.
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Did you install it recently? Have you got the latest update? Have you configured/modded the game in any way?
Like I said, I installed nothing except for those 2 programs

and before it went to one fps I played for 2 weeks on normal fps even that same morning

And LNCPapa

Strangest thing is that that morning while playing normal it wasn't hooked on to the grid and with 1 fps it was... (strange right)

Didn't change battery setting either it's still on two hours max when unplugged

Also it isn't my laptop that is slower everything else is fine it's just that game...
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Okay so I was playing a small game with had almost no requirements and I played okay until there was some overlay white gradient transparent somethingy. Again the FPS just dropped.

So is there a programma that tests my hardware so I can see if something broke...?