DRAM market remains unstable amid weak demand


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As industry insiders predicted less than a month ago, DRAM prices have continued descending through August and the market is still surrounded by uncertainty for the remainder of 2011. According…

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I wish these prices would affect the corsair dominator ram, I would love to see some 2133 MHz sticks for like 25 bucks


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One thing that may contribute to low demand is how Motherboard manufacturers limit the max memory now that a Windows 64bit OS holds more or less 50% of the market.

Give us more slots and raise the memory max for cheaper motherboards. They don't advertise the benefits of having more memory... The free lunch is over - Tech people are buying up ram, but that is not enough since you are floading the market. We cannot keep up. I'm still on DDR2 and I have several machines. Only if I buy something new will I be upgrading. You got to advertise to the mainstream. Intel is doing it with their processors... educate people about memory. And make it less confusing.


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I do want to point out that the 8gb Ripjaws that I purchased during black friday sales were around $50 on sale. Now there normal price is below what I paid. OMG!


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I have my eye on the Corsair Vengeance 16GB LP DDR3-1600 kit for my next upgrade. I'm hoping for some more price drops in their excellent line although the prices at present are already very reasonable.