Dreamweaver - transfer site details from old hard drive (dead pc)

By goldfishy
Feb 27, 2010
  1. Hi guys,

    My old laptop died. However, the hard disk is intact, and I can use it in a caddy and view these files from the hard disk, on my new laptop.

    I had a bunch of sites configured in Dreamweaver on my old laptop. For one of them, I do not have any independent record of the ftp, username and password details!!

    So I need to get them off my old hard drive. I would have run Dreamweaver on my old laptop and exported the site details so I could view them on the new laptop.

    However, I can't run Dreamweaver on my old laptop, as it's dead!

    So my question is, given that I have my old laptop's hard drive intact, how can I locate the Dreamweaver site definitions and export them so I can import them to my new laptop?

    is it at all possible?

  2. username123

    username123 TS Rookie Posts: 24

    I've never had to do this for Dreamweaver, but I have fore other programs, for the same reason.

    You should try to sync the folders; this might save you a needless headache....

    First install Dreamweaver with the exact setting you used on the laptop. Then use Microsoft's SyncToy or PortableApps's Toucan To synchronize the Dreamweaver laptop folder with the Desktop's folder.

    I can't think of a reason why that info wouldn't be copied along with the rest; unless for some reason it's being stored outside of Dreamweaver's folder.

    Also, make sure Windows is set to show hidden files and folders before you start, and make sure Dreamweaver isn't running.

    Start -> Control Panel -> Control Panel Menu -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> check "Show hidden files and folders"

    Hope this helps
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