Drive Letters Have Changed - XP won't boot now - 'ntldr not found'

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Sep 10, 2009
  1. My laptop gives an 'ntldr not found' error, which I'm sure is related to the drive letters being moved around. When it was working D: was my xp boot drive and c: was my DOS partition. Not the wisest choice but I'm stuck with it for now. Now for some reason the dos partition is d: and the xp partition is c: (which might be why I get an ntldr error). Also the xp partition is hibernated. editing boot.ini under ubcd4win might be one way to go, but the program shortcuts will have to be updated and the registry dll entry paths will be all pointing to the wrong drive.
  2. CapnYousef

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    If you boot witht he windows CD, I think you can go to the repair console and use


    And it will take care of your NTLDR, but I'm not entirely sure
  3. brucethetech

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    right capn. shortcuts should be fine. never seen a system operate with the boot volume any letter other than C: even in a dual boot environment, once your in windows the boot volume takes c:
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    Let me clarify, my system worked with the first physical partition as the C: DOS Fat32 drive, and the second physical XP NTFS partition as D:. There are xp boot files on the first C: DOS drive, but everything else is on the D: drive (which is now C:, but shouldn't be)
  5. brucethetech

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    so you had dos installed first and then later went and installed xp? have you fried rewriting the master boot record?
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  7. easethepain

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    the problem is the boot partition needs fixing to do this boot from an xp cd choose to go to a dos prompt and run fixboot.exe this will fix the ntldr error.

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