Dropbox clarifies its policy after 'DMCA takedown' incident

Himanshu Arora

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Dropbox's privacy policy came under the scanner on Saturday after one of its business customers tweeted that the cloud storage service blocked a file from being shared under U.S. copyright law. The tweet has been retweeted more than 3235 times...

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So wait when did dropbox start doing DMCA's? As far as I knew dropbox is a closed service not open like mega and who cares if someone has illegal files on their dropbox its private....


Just because it's private doesn't mean it's not still illegal. By your logic it would be fine if he had child pornography in his dropbox, because hey it's private.


Anytime you give up control of your data (cloud, etc.) you open yourself to many other things you may not have wanted.


Dear Sir, your bank here.
Since you lent the key of your safe deposit box to your brother, we took the liberty to have a peek.
The IRS would like a word with you.
Have a nice day.


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You guys wanted Cloud computing to be the future, so shutup and accept it. I'll be putting my data on a private FTP, like a proper nerd should.