Dropbox launches Carousel app to help you organize and share your photos

  1. Dropbox doesn't want to be just storage space for your digital photos anymore, it's also hoping to become the primary way you access and share them. The cloud storage company yesterday launched Carousel, a new iOS and Android app that...

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  2. Jad Chaar

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    It is definitely a nice app for backing up photos. After downloading it and using it I got 3 more GB of storage. Thanks DropBox :D.
  3. I don't understand why Dropbox keeps doing this. I thought they were going to focus on becoming a cloud company that services business/enterprise, but they keep trying to lure in consumer users with these sorts of apps. They've done a great job advertising, and I think they can stop focus on that, and begin to focus on getting their business app more competitive. More apps that actually are useful for business, and most importantly, a way to drastically reduce their pricing. But I guess for now our selfies are safe...
  4. Very well thought-out comment. It does seem incredibly odd that Dropbox spent so much time announcing their big enterprise focus -- only to turn around and develop a number of features that cater specifically to consumer (what business is going to be concerned with users saving all personal photos?).
    Any business looking to migrate their material to the cloud from an in-house or consumer solution should be choosing a provider that is truly designed for business. Now, most would point you in the direction of Box, as they have been the popular "Enterprise" provider. However, they still have folder size limitations and restricted user manageability that still makes it difficult for admins. Moreover, the user prices of for each of these providers is utterly insane.
    I would recommend going in the direction of DriveHQ cloud solutions. They are one of very few (perhaps the only) companies to design services to optimize on enterprise functionality and pricing. User licenses cost just $6/user/year -- compare this with Dropbox and Box $15/user/month (and thats not even talking about the enterprise pricing)

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