Dropbox releases an invite-only password management app


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However, there's a catch: the app is invite-only for now. While the general public can download and install it onto their devices, no one can use it without being granted access (presumably a beta key of some kind).

From what we can tell, Dropbox Passwords will work almost the same way as most of its competitors, such as 1Password or LastPass. It will save your passwords for you and allow you to auto-fill them across various apps and websites with a single click. Additionally, it has password generation and syncing functionality, which are also pretty common features in this category of apps.

Frankly, there's not much else for us to say about Dropbox Passwords. We haven't tested it ourselves, but from what Dropbox has said and from what we can see in the app preview images, it looks like a pretty basic password manager. That doesn't mean it's bad, but we're not seeing anything that might convince users to swap from existing apps to Dropbox's alternative.

Nonetheless, we'll have a better idea of what Dropbox is planning with Passwords when (or if) the app eventually rolls out for the general public. It's not clear how you gain access to Dropbox Passwords' "private beta," but we'll be reaching out to the company for clarification.

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I gave up on dropbox once they limited the number of devices you could put it on (free version). It would have been far smarter to maintain the simple version for free and the more advanced version as a paid service, that way everyone could enjoy it AND it expands it's advertising of itself world wide .... just a dumb business move, I guess .......
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A password app... NEW player in the field? No thanks. Nothing personal, but if they are "just getting into it", how long until someone uncovers a bug? After it has been out in the wild, is one thing, but I won't be an eager beaver for this.
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Who still uses dropbox in 2020?
Plenty of people myself included. I have been thinking of going over to Google Drive but yet to make the jump. AWS is great too but lacks a lot of user friendly features that Dropbox provides.