Drugstores Rite Aid and CVS ditch Apple Pay in favor of a new mobile payments system

Himanshu Arora

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Less than a week after Apple Pay went live, two of the country's largest drugstore chains have stopped accepting payments made through the system.

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This is a bad move and will be met with backlash. CVS and RiteAid will reverse this decision shortly.

For the record, the pin pads can only be on or off. They can't be on for google wallet and off for apple pay. The pin pads themselves aren't able to make that distinction. When you use NFC, you are transferring the same information as when you swipe your card. The pin pad doesn't distinguish any difference between swiping or NFC, it just passes the data along to the POS system.

These companies are literally turning off a feature of their pin pads in order to force CurrenC down our throats.

The reason why they're trying to force this CurrenC nonsense is because they don't want to pay credit card swipe fees.

We as consumers shouldn't give a rat's a$$ whether or not a retailer incurs credit card swipe fees. Nor should we jump ship to a QR code based payment system linked directly to our bank accounts using ACH to transfer funds. There are as many problems with this kind of payment system as there are with mag stripe transactions. I don't know about you, but CurrenC sounds stupid.

Retailers will soon find that consumers aren't interested in their goofy form of payment.


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Not anymore Guest17. CurrentC will die a a quick death. Or at least I hope. Till then I will be using credit cards the old fashion way which is sad. I wanted to try out Apple Pay. Owell, always greedy dumb people out in the world that doesn't think of consumers just the bottom line.


I find that cash works great at all brick and mortar retailers. Accepted everywhere, no fees, no hassles...


And you trust Apple to make your data or transaction safe?! Ask Kate Upton how well that worked out?