DSL and LAN using Duel Intel Ethernet Port Problems - Any help greatly appreicated

By qanan
Dec 7, 2004
  1. We just ran a Verizon DSL line into our busniess for internet access for some of the office staff. We currently have a local LAN that has no internet connection. The server I am trying to install the DSL modem and Linksys Wireless router on has a duel Intel Ethernet Port. The first post has our current LAN CAT 5 and under the TCP/IP protocal for this port the static IP and other info. I plugged the wireless router into the 2nd port after plugging the Westall Modem into the Router. I went under the under IE to configure the DSL static IP as well as the DNS, Default Gateway and Subnet mask. Under the TCP/IP Protocal Properies i left it to obtain IP address auto. (I tired both ways)

    The LAN works fine and from other computers using a dial up internet I can ping the DSL static IP. All the lights on the modem are working and on as well as the router. The problem is I cant access the internet from the server or ping anything. It doesnt show any problems with the port.

    This is a Windows 2000 server box, SP 3. Verizon Tech support cant seem to help and Linksys is even worse, and I am wondering if I need to configure the windows setting differently or the router setting. It should be able to handle both the LAN and internet connection using the Duel Ethernet Port.

    Got any ideas??

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Nodsu

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    If you want to use this configuration then you have to set up internet connection sharing on the server.

    It would be simpler if you just plugged your LAN into the router. That is unless you want to do some traffic restricting on that server.
  3. qanan

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    Ok, I think I understand. Using out exisiting LAN Hub, plug a patch cable from the hub to the router. Keep the Modem plugged into the router ethernet port, but no need to plug the router or modem into any computer for LAN access?

    If thats correct, then 2 questions:

    How do I configure the router with no computer, or do I even need to? Or can I access the router from the from any computer on the LAN?

    Do I need to set IE and/or outlook express to use that static IP to the router to access the net??

    Thank you very much for your help! :)

    oh ps, if I put the router directly into the hub, can I manage which computers on the LAN get access? We dont want everyone to be able to access the DSL, just a few people in the office.
  4. MrDJ009

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    You are on the right track. Plugging the router into the LAN's hub does it. Any computer of the LAN that knows the routers IP address, and the admin password, can configure the router. Make sure you have password protected you routers setup pages.

    Avoid using static IP's if you don't need them. They multiply your configuration and setup woes. Instead, enable the routers DHCP server function and let it dynamically assign IP's to each client. Each client computer's ethernet adapter will have to be set up to "obtain IP address automatically" and to "use DHCP for WINS resolution".

    My router, a D-Link 624, has a MAC filter capability that allows me to control access to the internet. I can set up the router to either (1) allow only clients with selected MAC addresses to access the internet or (2) deny clients with selected MAC addresses from accessing the internet. :)
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