DSL-G624T QoS - Priority for gaming help.

By mokaboy
Jul 5, 2008
  1. Hello all,

    I have a DLINK DSL-G624T ADSL Router and would like a little help on setting up QoS.

    I play Call of Duty 4 online mainly on ports 28960 and was wondering how to setup the QoS to prioritise that port or my computers traffic over other people downloading in the house.

    I used to own a Linksys cable router that had QoS that i setup with no problems what so ever prioritised to my computer which gave me low pings 24/7.

    I have upgraded the routers firmware to V3.10B01T02.UK-A.20070613 which has given me a nice new interface but i still cant figure it out.

    Ive just spent the last 2 hours scanning the web for help or a 3rd party firmware that had easier or more advanced features.

    Please someone with some know how point me in the right direction.

    Here is a screenshot of the QoS screen on my router. (settings i have there i was just trying... they didnt work)


    As you can see the options i have are

    - PortMapping QoS (this looks like it doesnt support wireless as i can just see ports 1 - 4 on LAN)

    - IP QoS
    - Classified by - ToS
    - Classified by - Application
    - Classified by - User Defined


    Additional info
    - UK
    - Tiscali
    - Im connected to the router via wireless
    - 3 pc's in LAN.
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