Dual booting Vista 32 bit with Vista 64 bit help

Jun 11, 2009
  1. So I already have vista 32 and recently got 64 and would like to try it out and perhaps one day move over to it, but for now, just try it out. So i was curious as to a safe way to install it without bothering my other os. My processor should support it and all other peripherals (hopefully). Yes, someone else probably has a SIMILAR thread but I didnt believe that one addressed exactly these issues for me to receive optimal support. Any insight would be very welcome. Also, I have partition magic if it is necessary to use it (v8.5). I also have access to other versions if necessary. Thank you. Sorry in advance for not including some minute strain of necessary information.
  2. luvhuffer

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    The first thing you need to know is the 32bit Vista will not be able to read the 64bits install program. So you will have to boot to the CD and when asked point to the drive/partition you want to install it on. You will want to have a clean partition to use. If you don't have one just create it out of a partition that has enough free space to create a large enough one to use. I've never used partition magic so I don't know if it allows you to create a new partition out of already partitioned space. If it doesn't use EASEUS Partition Master. Works quite well. Just make sure you set the new partition as primary and not logical. The problem you might have is whichever version you boot to, that drive will be recognized as the C drive, a problem I have that bugs the crap out of me on my dual boot XP Win7 system. Doesn't create any problems per se just a little weird to use.

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    Thank you for the help, luvhuffer (lol?). I understand what you are saying with 32 not being able to read the 64bit install. I am, atm, creating what I think might turn out to be a boot disk: it is simply all the files on a dvd because i tried it with the .iso and it didn't boot from that media. As far as partitioning, I allotted 10Gb but I may change the size in the future...that is possible through the use of some program i believe, right? Thanks again.

    **Ok, so I try and make a boot cd from the .iso file but it doesn't seem to be working. I've tried both burning just the .iso and burning the contents of the file and neither seem to work...May the hindu goddess "malalajah" bless you a thousand times if you solve my problem.
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