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By Neji49
Nov 28, 2010
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  1. I just installed Kubuntu to a HD partition because I want to dual boot it with Windows 7. However when I rebooted, it took me to windows boot manager(took a long time to load), and only showed Windows 7. However it refused any input I gave it. Eventually I hit ctrl+alt+del and it rebooted but this time it went straight to booting up windows 7. What do I need to do to configure it to allow dual booting?

    Additional Information: When I was installing Kubuntu, I may have selected it's partition to be the location for the boot loader. Could this be the problem?
  2. Leeky

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    Generally speaking I always use the hard disk containing the Linux install as the location for the boot loader.

    How many hard disks do you have?
    What disk partition option did you choose during installation? (Its one of three options)

    If your running both installs off of one hard disk, you should select the MBR as the place to install the boot loader.

    It sounds to me like something didn't go to plan for some unknown reason. It would be worth running the install again, and then pay particular attention to the hard disk requirements. In the case of single hard disk systems, it should know auto magically where to place the boot loader.

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