Dual iexplorer.exe processes sitting in task manager

By Veraedon
Dec 24, 2008
  1. Hey guys, as stated in the title, i am having some spyware issues here... every so often an ad5server popup shows up loading a new iexplore page. There are 2 iexplore exe's sitting in the task manager all the time... its causing massive latency when i want to do online gaming so i would really appreciate any assistance anyone is able to offer here.

    I have already ran multiple scans using lavasoft's adaware and tried using a few trojan removal tools. but i am still having the same issue. i am having no luck force quitting these processes as well...

    I have attached a log from hijackthis for your viewing pleasure.

    (p.s. i am in the process of scanning using superAS and malware AVS, i will upload these asap, however it will take some time as it is scanning through 2TB of data)

    Kind regards,

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