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Just installed a second monitor on my GF FX5700 graphics card. My question is does it matter which of the two monitors is analog and which is digial?
Right now I have the 21" primary monitor as analog and the secondary 19" as digital. Does it make a difference.


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Shouldn't be any difference. You could try swapping the monitors just in case you notice a difference in picture quality but I doubt it.
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Thanks for monitor help

Thanks for the quick replay. I was thinking the digital might have better resolution just because it sounds more technical. How's that for non tecky logic?
I'm running a SyncMaster 213T and 191T which supplies both analog and digial cables. The GF FX5700 accepts both anolog and digital. There isn't much help on Nvidia or Asus for hooking up the monitors to the graphics card. I closed my eyes and held my breath. They seem to be working great but it is early in the day. :)
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