Dual monitors and full screen gaming

By DeadlyBagel
Oct 15, 2008
  1. I've combed through Google search results for an answer but haven't found anything that helps. I'm currently running two screens on an NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT and have a few full screen games. Warhammer Dawn of War Dark Crusade works fine, a barrier appears most of the time that prevents the cursor moving to the second screen, so I can hit that one pixel column that activates the scroll over the map.

    Half Life 2 also works okay, because the cursor is always centred and moving the mouse moves the screen instead.

    However, I pulled out Rise of Nations not too long ago, no barrier. The only way to fix it is to disable the second monitor. Which is a hassle, it's set up with a heap of icons and a few widgets that need moving over first, then moving back when I reenable it.

    Oh well, I don't play that game that often. Though we recently got Spore, which has a similar problem. I'm not worried that it can flick over to the other screen, the problem is it won't move back. Which means a minimise of the game then a restore. Or I could go through and disable the second monitor. Blegh.

    Is there some sort of program that will force the barrier every time I run a full screen app, or something I can set up that the mouse won't cross?
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    There's an option through ntune to make sure you dont get those lag and flickers.
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    I had a look through all my NVIDIA settings, couldn't find anything, looked through nTune, there were two things, tune system, but that looked more like finding how much performance can be squeezed out of the computer without killing it, not to mention requiring a few hours where I kinda need to be checking on it occasionally, and a custom script editor, which I could figure out how to deactivate the second screen when I run a game then reactivate it when I exit, but that would still mess up everything on the second screen.

    Could you be more specific please?
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