Dv6604nr... maybe quanta 30cf mobo

By madpraxis
Jul 2, 2014
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  1. Hey all. couple questions that people smarter then me might be able to answer. Been a looong time since I bothered with any of this stuff :D
    Yes, its a crap computer. Broken down and tired, but... I have very little money and would like this computer to drag along for a few more years before I give up and scrape money together for a new one ;)

    CPU Upgrade: Someone smarter tell me what AMD processors I could dig up from some tech graveyard and plop into this thing. I figured IF I can track them down they shouldn't be that bad price wise, and I know I can do this. If upgrading is possible. Who knows with HP....

    Ram Upgrade: Natch, got this one figured out.

    Basically, I guess I'm just looking for someone to help me figure out what I can plop in here. HP's website apparently hates me for some reason so I can't get a hold of the tech manuals for this thing. That and I'm going by what cpu-z tells me my motherboard is, and I'm not sure if that is correct or not...
    Oh, yes, should mention I looked up that thing. Which is why I am leery, it doesn't really look like what is in this... So, tell me what information I need to give you, what I need to do to get it, and impress me with smarts! (Please)

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