Dv9700 hp need of cooling fan suggestions

By hg88
Aug 27, 2008
  1. i got a hp dv9700 and im afraid it will burn itself out soon. it tends to get very hot when i play games, u bought the laptop as a desktop substitute. i know that dv9xxx tend to overhead already. i want to buy an aluminum heating pad thats under $100

    laptop specs
    3 gigs ram (gets hot)
    2.4ghz core 2 duo (intel) model#: T8300 (gets hot)
    nvidia Geforce 8600M GS
    laptop model: HP pavilion dv9700 17 inch

    hot spot list...
    top left corner (video card) with vents and internal fan (sucks air from sides and blows to bottom)
    middle left (unknown... ram? ethernet card maybe? probably ram) no vents or fans...dumb hp
    bottom left (harddrive) vents no fan
    bottom middle (processor) vents no fan

    i wanted to get a laptop fan that blows because its better for the vents but the stupid video card blows also... so i need a laptop fan that sucks air from the bottom. right now price isnt much of an issue as long as its under $100. I looked up a good cooling fan called quadcooler (found at quadcooler.com) but i think its too small.for my 17 inch laptop. If anyone knows a very good 17 inch cooler that sucks air and can cover my hot spots please post here (aluminums or metal is much better than plastic...) i dont care about how loud it is, it just needs to be very good at cooling.

    btw the picture i send is viewed from top

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  2. hg88

    hg88 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    correction the fan sucks from bottom and blows from sides... so a cooling pad that "blows" is what i need
  3. kelleclectic

    kelleclectic TS Rookie

    You've probably already gone out and got a cooling pad, but I'll offer some advice anyways.
    I was having issues with overheating as well with my Dv9700. I picked up a Targus PA243U Notebook Portable Lapdesk while out in the world for $29 bucks. It can either lie flat, or be folded in half to prop up the laptop. It's really been a life saver! Good luck on your hunt!
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