DVD burner says disc is not recordable DVD

By ingeborgdot
Mar 5, 2011
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  1. I have a Dell Studio 1737 with a bd rom drive and a combo dvd burner. When I go to put the dvd-r inthe message I get is the disc in the dvd burner is not a recordable DVD. It is recordable though. I am using W7. What gives?
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    That seems to have fixed it? What caused this to happen?
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    /* EDIT: Updated the reply below */

    At least based on what i've seen, most problems related to filter drivers are due to (or at least involve) 3rd party products.

    A scenario for your case: A 3rd party DVD related product you installed (e.g. for burning, recording, or media playing) installed a filter driver for DVDs. Then you update or uninstall the product which might update or remove/uninstall the filter driver file stored on disk but, for some reason, the reference to the filter file isn't always updated/removed from the registry. The registry still has the filename so Windows tries to use it but it's now corrupt or no longer on disk which causes problems

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