DVD/CD Player on my laptop doesnt work right

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Nov 22, 2009
  1. my: hl dt st dvdram gsa t50n ata device doesnt work since i put windows 7 pro on my laptop. It shows up and sometimes works fine but most discs i put in, either DVD or CD will cause errors, crashes, and lack of control of my disc drive. what I mean is once it gives me the error or w/e, the eject button doesnt work and the disc in the drive is spinning at max RPM. If I go to my computer and click (left or right) on the disc drive windows explorer crashes. my driver disc only works for Vista so the driver installed on it is the stupid one signed by microsoft. how do i fix? thanks

    EDIT: Okay, I have the right driver installed but that did not fix it. It still spins at max RPM, and freezes windows explorer. Also when I try to shut down it gets stuck at the logging off screen. Any thoughts?

    EDIT from down the road: Hey guys, it's been a while but I STILL have this problem, but it's changed a little bit... It now does NOT crash Windows Explorer. The disc drive still spins uncontrollably with a disc in it. The link given in one of the answers does nothing for me because it directs me to use Windows 7's Hardware thing, which finds no problems. I think this is because once this problem starts occurring, the disc drive gets removed from the Device Manager and the system ignores it. If I force-eject the disc from the drive and reboot the computer, the Hardware thing finds no problems with the drive... What now?!
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    Vista and 7

    Windows 7 is almost exactly like Windows Vista. Use your Windows Vista driver disc for Windows 7.
  3. WileeDarklight

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    its one of those discs that if you put it in it states that "this is not windows vista" and ends the setup
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  5. WileeDarklight

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    the link you sent me told me I could only use the Windows 7 auto-error detector thing, which found nothing wrong.

    My main problem isn't that the disc drive disappears from My Computer. That only happens sometimes. The more common effect is that the Eject button doesn't work, the disc spins, and when I go to my computer and right click or left click on the disc drive itself, windows crashes.
  6. WileeDarklight

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    I don't mean to 'bump' but I seriously need this problem fixed.
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    When you installed Windows 7 on the laptop, were you able to find and install all the other drivers: motherboard chipset, sound and graphics?
  8. WileeDarklight

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    Yes. Even though my driver disc only lets you use it if you have it in a VISTA PC, I managed to copy the drivers to a USB, but there are hundreds of files within folders and most of them had cryptic names. It occurs to me, however, that I didnt need to use that many of them, Microsoft's drivers must have filled most of the other roles, but they all work fine.
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