DVD drive causes reboot loop at power up

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Feb 19, 2009
  1. Current: When powering up my cpu, once the dvd drive activates(reads) the system reboots, and loops. This happens as soon as the memory check is complete, and the drive is checked by the system. This happens whether a disk is in the tray or not. If I disconnect the IDE cable, the system starts up fine, runs fine.
    If I open the tray before the cpu checks the drive(leaving it open) the system will boot up fine, but the minute that ray closes and the drive activates, reboot loop.

    Prior: My PSU failed(died) while burning a disk, I replaced the PSU, And one by one connected units(HD's Cards,ect) till I hooked up my dvd drive and found I had a problem. I swapped the dvd drive with another I had kicking around, and it does the same thing. Also tried a cd drive, same thing. Hooking up power is no problem, but once that ide cable is attached, things are a no go.

    I should mention my system has been static for some time now, nothing has changed, everything's clean, and current. It is not a software or driver problem since this occurs before windows even starts up.... most likely the Main board, or Bios. This is what I've got.

    AMD Sempron 2200 1.5 GHz 512 Ram, Main board SiS741
    80GB HD IDE hook up, 120GB HD Sata hookup,
    Nvidia 6600 graphics card, sata PCI card,
    LG burner(not hooked up, plus a spare,same make)
    450watt Power supply(same make as previous which worked for years)

    I've had the same setup for a few years now without any hardware problems.

    Also I should mention, CPU temp is fine, memory checks out okay,(the computer runs fine without a dvd drive hooked up, and no pin(master/slave) ever changed. IDE cables were changed, no effect.

    So, would I be right in assume my main board is toast? Is there a simple fix? I've played with the bios and found no joy there, 1st 2nd,3rd boots are HD's. I cann't figure out why a DVD read would reboot the system at power up. Maybe in windows, sure, anythings possible in the land of OS, but a start up? Ummm. Help.
  2. kimsland

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    What is the jumper position on all those CD\DVD Drives? (preferred CS)

    Try this, run CCleaner, then reset the drive registry filters:



    Once complete, please restart

    Also, you may have a program that autostarts with the drive being accessed (Nero; Alcohol virtual imaging etc) I'd uninstall all of these programs associated with CD\DVD (if the above doesn't work) Then install the latest program of what's only needed
  3. random fires

    random fires TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for a speedy reply, but I should point out again; The drive causes reboots before the OS starts up, before IRQ's are assigned, before anything. No software has recently been installed, no filmware to change, jumpers have been static for years(master, as it's alone on it's own ide).
    I looked at the links though, I use Ccleaner(though I feel some may over use such programs) and dougknox's script is great for hide'n seek, or unresponsive drives (IMO,used it once before).

    I did try it though, cause at this point, anything is game... No effect of course. I'm still trolling the vastness of the internet, and will check back.
  4. kimsland

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    Replace the IDE data cable
    Remove the Motherboard and high pressure air blow out
    Reset CMOS defaults
    Even check for any bios updates (although this fix unlikely)
    Run System File Checker start->Run-> sfc /scannow

    That's all I can think of right now ;)
  5. random fires

    random fires TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The board and case are clean, I already changed IDe cables, Verfifing won't help since I have no disc drive to support it, plus again, it's not an XP issue.

    The drive reboots system before the OS Set-up.

    But thank you! You given me an idea I had not thought of, and I'm an ***** for not thinking of it. The board has two IDE lines, One HD is on one, the dvd drive on the other, both set to master. I'll shut down , and do a classic master,slave set up on one IDE. If it works, I'll have my answer.
  6. kimsland

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    I know what you mean. But also try a CS and CS setup (Cable Select on one cable)
  7. random fires

    random fires TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I moved the dvd drive to a different channel, no effect, went with cable select, no effect.
    Used some spare ram I had lying around(swap) no effect. Having exhausted all schemes, I"ll have to consider shopping for a new motherboard. Having the drive reset the system (even bare with just ram and drive) tells me when the PSU fried, the mother board fried with it.

    For the life of me I cann't figure out why an optic access would reset the mother board outside an OS, on either ide channel.

    Oh well, guess it's finally a reason to upgrade, just not the reason I'd like.
    Thanks for the help.
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