DVD-RW drive issue

By lpmjames
Aug 17, 2010
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  1. so i recently picked up a dvd-rw drive and right away i added it to my pc.. 7 downloaded and installed the drivers right away... i used it after maybe twice... burned an iso of ubuntu.. seemed successfull.. so the message it gives me says... success!! ... i restart the pc and i noticed right away it recognized the dvd drive for the bios check... so i try to load the ubuntu disc i just burned to no avail it failed to initialize the install.. strange so win7 boots instead... i look for the solution and right away i notice the drive is either hidden or gone completely .. strange again .. after 4 restarts i get nothing... im confused... like i say bios sees it.. win7 did see it and worked for the first half hour of using it .. before i restarted.. please help if you can..
  2. lpmjames

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    bad connection.. close post please...

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