DVD-RW not working

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Jan 4, 2009
  1. I wanst sure where to post this so I put it here an in the drivers section. Im running windows xp sp3

    This problem originally started as DVDs not playing properly they work but played jerky even if the dvd was brand new. That was a year or two ago, however this year after learning that it could not burn my videos on dvds or the sound would come out wrong I stuck to just burning cds.

    Till one day the problem got worse: I stuck a dvd I had burned some information to check and see if it had burned (on another laptop) alright. But nothing came up so I went to the explorer to browse the dvd and the icon for the dvd wasnt even there. Then I tried popping the dvd out and the drive wouldnt eject so I had to get a pin and open it. After I had closed it and rebooted the drive showed back up in explorer. However when I tried using a cd a few days later the icon disappeared again, although I was able to eject the cd without using a pin.

    The icon still wont show up, but I checked in device manager the it gave a code 39 error for the dvd rom drivers it said: Windows can not load the device drivers they may have been corrupted or are missing. So I clicked on update the drivers but it said there wasnt anything better then the ones I had, so then I tried rolling them back and it said there was none to restore.

    So what can I do to fix this problem? :/
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    What is the make and model of the Dvd-rw. This information would be helpful to diagnose the problem.
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    Go back to the Device Manager and go to "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers." Go to the channel where the optical drive is connected and uninstall it. Exit everything and restart the PC. Let Windows detect the devices and reinstall the drivers automatically and see if that fixes it.
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  5. zronin99

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    Make and type

    Slimtype (latop): Philips DVD+-RW SDVD8441

    Ok, Now my dvd-rw shows up in the explorer window. However when I put a cd into the drive the drive dosnt "rev" up, the explorer will show that its an audio cd but then if I try clicking on it then the explorer window freezes and if I try doing something else the computer freezes. Also I had to use the pin method the eject the drive again since the button wouldn't do it.... :/
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    Sounds like your drive is dying at a mechanical level. Something could be loose though.
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