E machine start up

By stevenco
Mar 21, 2008
  1. hello, new to tech spot, i have a e-machine t-5082, i boots to the e symbol and thats all. moved drive to older unit and it tried to fix start up problems so i assume it works. micro soft screen came up. tried a different psu from a working unit. read an older post about the battery--3.7 volts.can't get to safe mode, no start up disc. any ideas will be entertained, thanks, steve
  2. Matthew

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    Haha, you sound like you're at an auction house with that post.

    Okay, so randomly you turn your PC on one day and it hangs at the "E" screen, which I assume is the splash screen you see when you first turn the power on. You removed the HDD from the T-5082, put it in another PC, what did you do to try and fix the start up problems (if it hung at the initial splash screen it likely has nothing to do with your HDD)?

    So, now you have done whatever you have to the HDD from the "older" PC, and it makes to the Windows loading screen (probably going to have issues booting off the drive if you tried to boot off it from your "old" PC if that's what you're attempting).

    Slow down, confirm and/or correct anything above and please provide more details.
  3. stevenco

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    i put the vista drive in a win 2000 pro system. a microsoft screen came up saying { your computer was not shutdown properly would you like windows to fix this} clicked yes, it asked if i wanted to restore, i said no, when done it said it could fix problems.so the drive must work. put a win 2000 drive in the t5082 wouldn't boot at all.
  4. Matthew

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    Why would you put the HDD from the Windows 2000 PC into the T-5082? Are you saying you put the problematic HDD back into the T-5082 hoping it was resolved, but it's not?

    Please, just slow down and proof read your posts. I'm not being a jerk, really, but how do you expect help when the only thing we have to go off of is your text and our experience. Type full, complete sentences, explain your experiences in detail.
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