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Apr 28, 2009
  1. When sending email, is it better to send it in Plain Text or HTML? What's the difference? Currently my "Mail Sending Format" is HTML.

    When I receive an email with an image and copy & paste it in a message that I'm creating, the image does not appear. The text is there, but there's a tiny box with a red "x" or a tiny icon in the upper left of the position where the image should appear. I've tried all sorts of searches in Windows Email Help, but cannot find anything that addresses this issue. Is there a setting I need to change? Also, sometimes when I receive an email with an image, the tiny box with the red "x" shows up instead of the actual image.

    The os is Windows Vista.

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    When creating the email change the format from Plain text to rich text or something like HTML other that text format. You can also set the email format under options under Outlook. Tools, Options, Mail Format
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    Should I set the in coming and out going to be html or plain text? Why are the pictures not produced in the e-mail?
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    viri can be transmitted in html code if precautions are not taken. Some ISPs do not allow HTML in their email servers. Others do, sometimes it is limited. HTML takes more bandwidth than text. This can be problematic when dealing with limited bandwidth clients. I for example, am deployed in Iraq. Commercial bandwidth is very expensive and limited. When buddies send me stupid joke emails with a lot of HTML is really slows down my email downloads - sometimes to a crawl. (not to mention annoying).

    So be careful what you open in HTML. If you click on spam with HTML, you've just let the spammer know he has a valid email address.
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    Use Forward and add your comments rather than cut+paste.

    Consider what happens when using Copy+Paste with any browser presentation --
    exactly the same thing occurs when pasting into say, Notepad -- you get
    text only

    Why; because you're grabbing the presentation and not the actual HTML.
    Basically raw text is better as it can not contain scripts like html can and frequently does.

    Html in email has the benefit of BOLD, Italics, et all formatting.
    Graphics are a push as you can always attach any pictures to TEXT email
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