EA acquires PopCap games for $750 million


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After rumors and speculation late last month, Electronic Arts today announced an agreement to acquire PopCap Games. The transaction is expected to close in August 2011, subject to customary closing conditions,…

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Ironically, that sign looks like a tombstone and EA has certainly been the epitaph of many valuable game companies. Too bad.


EA will probably include SecuROM DRM with 5 limit activations on all casual PopCap titles. LOL!


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What a total bummer. Another, great and innovative company, swallowed up by the conglomerates which will no doubt promptly kill any creativity for future PopCap games.


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I don't see PopCap as very innovative. Yes they have a couple of good games, but it looks like in recent years they mainly worked on porting their games to other platforms (phones, Wii, ...), making money off rehashing the same formula. Their Android version of Peggle is sold only on Amazon, and is said to be buggy. So anyone who thinks that being part of EA will make things worse, I think you've overestimating how good PopCap is.

EA might actually be able to put PopCap to good use with new games, converting EA franchises to low power platforms.


it just shows you how these tools think when the CEO does not say "hey with these guys we can make great games" but instead says "Soon...... 1 Billion dollars muahahahaha" with a Dr Evil little finger at the side of his mouth.

Bunch of tools


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How can piracy be killing the industry when someone can shell out 750 million big ones for a company that makes a few quirky puzzle games.

Someone here is telling porkies..