EA clarifies exclusive BF3 content, has choice words for MW3

By Matthew · 24 replies
Jun 16, 2011
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  1. Remember the exclusive Battlefield 3 content that prompted gamers to storm EA's forum, flipping cop cars and burning their bras along the way? Apparently, it was all just a misunderstanding.…

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  2. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    "flipping cop cars and burning their bras along the way?"

    In other words, "going Canadian" on them?
  3. catburst

    catburst TS Rookie

    lol ^
  4. 3rd YESSSSSSS

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,218   +421

    Nice recovery EA... lol.

    BTW, no LAN support, no buy...
  6. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,679   +759

    That was some fine tap dancing by EA, I'd say. :p
  7. activision's call of duty 'mass audience', NOT 'following'. you made it sound like he hates everyone that plays COD...
  8. no he just hates everyone who makes cod
  9. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12

    EA is the master of Damage Control. They should go in the Guinness Book of Records for fastest hands in the video game industry, because no one covers their own asses as fast as EA does.
  10. Darkshadoe

    Darkshadoe TS Guru Posts: 571   +113

    LOL Its early morning here and I read that as LAP DANCING...Which might not be far from the truth either :p
  11. "Lighting's better, physics is better, animations are better, particle effects are better, vehicles are better".
    Are these the new hallmarks of a great game?
  12. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Booster Posts: 316   +6

    Hallmarks? No. They just stated the stuff that may not be obvious to some. Gameplay being better is something obvious. :p
  13. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    People still play Diablo II. I don't think graphics is the best measure of quality for a game. The MW series (at least today) looks like ***, but it was at least fun for the first 2 (not judging 3 yet as I haven't played it). And since every CoD game starting with 4 has only had on-rails vehicle sequences (minus the chopper gunner in black ops), I'd say "better vehicles" is somewhat of a red herring, since BF is the only one of the two that has real vehicle things anyways.

    It's like comparing MW3 to Dragon Age: Origins and saying DA:O has better swords. Duh!
  14. pcnthuziast: Your statement is exactly backward. Game play being better is ANYTHING BUTobvious. Better graphics is obvious. But this is the world we live in. As long as it looks good who cares how it plays right?
  15. customcarvin

    customcarvin TS Enthusiast Posts: 103   +8

    I agree with you 100%.. So the game looks great, that's a plus, but how are the mechanics? I mean, from what i have been reading it seems as though BF3 is going to be Battlefield BC 2 with a fresh coat of paint, and some larger maps. Now that's not a bad thing, but Dice really doesn't seem to be reinventing or adding a whole lot more in terms of new game play elements to the established series. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to check the game out, but i don't understand where all this arrogance and "we're going to kill COD" mentality is coming from on Dice's end.

    What i really hope to see is a very optimized game engine with Frostbite 2.0. All those nice textures and effects are great, but if it gets in the way of playability and overall smoothness of the game, then I'll be disappointed. Take Frostbite 1.0-1.5 for example, the engine has some of the worst frame fluctuation i have ever seen in a game. I mean with my 965BE C3 (@3.8) and my unlocked and OC'ed 6950, I can get anywhere from 170fps to 40fps @ 1680x1050 (measuring with Fraps) depending on whats happening on the screen. Now obviously fluctuation happens with every game because this is just the way hardware/software renders info, but it seems with the current Frostbite engine the frame spectrum is very wide, where in Black Ops, which IMO, looks just as good, my frame rates are anywhere from 180fps-90fps. Also, with Black Ops, i won't really notice the game play going down to 90 frames... but i definitely notice when BFBC2 goes down to 40! Just my 2¢
  16. yeah sure fact tands that cosd sucks abnd battlefoild beytter
  17. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Booster Posts: 316   +6

    You obviously don't know sarcasm when you see it. smh
  18. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    Curly is that you?
  19. peperonikiller

    peperonikiller TS Member Posts: 75

    Are you really going to complain about BC3 having similar gameplay mechanics when the CoD franchise has been using the same mechanics since effing CoD4.
  20. customcarvin

    customcarvin TS Enthusiast Posts: 103   +8

    Nope, not complaining. If you actually read what i had posted, then you would understand that I was simply saying how i don't understand how Dice has this "we're so much better" attitude, when they really aren't doing anything different in comparison to the COD franchise. Both of these series come out every couple/few years, add a few new features, make it look prettier, and repeat.

    If i was complaining about anything, it would be about how *****ic Dice is acting.
  21. thatguyandrew92

    thatguyandrew92 TS Rookie Posts: 118

    I see what you are saying, but I would argue that the improvement from BC2 to BF3 is FAR,FAR,FAR higher than the "improvements" in the cod series. The graphics in cod don't really improve. Ya, they added texture streaming but that was pretty lame. BF3 has much better graphics, sound, and destructibility. Cod hasn't really added anything. If you think about it, what can Dice really do, besides what they have done, to improve the game? They have added better graphics,animations,sound,destructibility, bigger maps, better squad support, more vehicles vs Cod which could do ALOT! I know BF3 is missing MODs ( sad face ) and possibly lan, but those aren't really in the same category.
  22. how is it in any way like comparing mw2 with dragon age saying da has better swords??? did mw2 try and pull off a sword fight that i missed? no.. u missed the point. he said their vehicles are better because mw's vehicles are crap and like u say scripted on a rail, but they do exist. unlike swords in mw2. and another thing... did u play world at war? because last time i checked 5 comes after 4 and there were player controlled tanks in multi player. get your facts straight sonny
  23. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,886   +1,034

    A good ol bash of the titans.
    Enjoy these moments fellas.
  24. hahahah, I like how among the things he said were "better" he didn't mention gameplay.
  25. Ya know what, gameplay, graphics, star bursts. Who really knows?

    We are blinded in the fog of war, and all us could end up as collateral damage, unless we keep our heads down.

    It's the secrecy that gets me down, so many, many unanswered questions re what a console can actually achieve. No one really knows until it's released.

    I for one don't wanna buy a new pc, but I may if I really miss out on the ps3 version.

    I think we have to believe that they will do the best they can for each platform and then judge the actual games when they are out.

    Either way, we all win, cos great games (bf3), are coming.

    We just may, have to pay for it is all.

    Love and blessings as I shoot you in the ace on bf2 grimblweed.

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