EA is bringing SimCity to Android and iOS devices "soon"

Shawn Knight

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SimCity is coming to mobile devices. Electronic Arts recently announced SimCity BuildIt, a mobile version of the popular franchise destined for Android and iOS devices.

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This totally explains why the pc version had a plot the size of of a cellphone screen.

They just used the pc version to test it and then port it to cellphone.


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Great Sim City on PC is completely broken, now EA thought "Hmm lets let other devices see how completely broken the game is" What a great idea guys! :D Glad your doing nothing to fix it I am soo happy I bought Sim City now :DDDDDD


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Looking at the pictures, it reminds me the kind of place I'm trying to escape every day of the week.

Industrial architecture sucks.

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That makes no sense when phones have the same screen resolution as PC monitors.
dude.. It was clearly meat as sarcasm pointing to the insane small plot sizes of the PC game that made the game "sim 4 Cityblocks" or "sim very tiny town" instead of simcity.

Meaning the pathetic excuse of a PC game will probably work fine on a phone since the scale of it was so TINY