Eat Chocolate! Live Longer! Find Love!

By Bobbye
Feb 14, 2010
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  1. Chocolate is packed with flavonoids which can help lower blood pressure- plus other antioxidants that a study at Johns Hopkins showed that by eating a little bit every day, we could contribute to out health. Small amounts can inversely affect the body and produce results that are good for it, both physically and mentally.

    It is also said that when times are tough, we look for 'luxury items' and opening a box of premium chocolates makes us "feel rich." And chocolate can evoke memories of pleasant things.

    It cost less than any other comfort food and it is claimed that "Brain science shows that the chemicals released in the body by eating chocolate are similar to those released when you're falling in love.:"

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!:slurp:

    Source: Parade Magazine: Why the World Needs Chocolate

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