Ecobee's latest smart thermostat could give Nest a run for its money with killer new feature

Shawn Knight

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There's no shortage of connected thermostats currently on the market but let's be honest: few (if any) look as nice as the Nest Thermostat. And let's face it: aesthetics are flat out more important than features to some buyers, especially...

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aesthetics are flat out more important than features to some buyers
Those must be Apple users :)

P.S. Are you talking to me, no, you're talking to me?!!! :)
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Pretty cool because like stated if you mix and match your parts right you could have a smart house and probably reduce your bills depending. Sounds like a cool idea considering the Nest has had its share of issues.


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I suppose it could reduce your bill if..... wait, how would that work again. thermostats are usually in the central area of a house, and you set them how you like. so if say on a hot summer day you are hanging out in a far room, and it's warmer in there than back at your thermostat, then with this device it'll crank up the ac? then it'll do the same act in the winter with the heat, and this is going to cut my costs how again?


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Urm I just had a thermostat system put in that can use remote sensors. Not a new feature to be honest. Motion sensing maybe is something new but I understood that if you don't have a building all around the same temperature then you end up using more energy as the cold in other parts causes heat loss from the room you have heated. Also uses more energy to bring a temperature up to the desired level than it takes to maintain it in a well insulated home, so how is the motion sensitive "are you in this room" system going to be saving money?