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ECS GeForce 6100PM M2 help

By stockportrico · 11 replies
Aug 10, 2008
  1. ECS GeForce 6100PM - M2

    With an AMD Athelon 64 X2 5200+ CPU

    I am upgrading a friends computer - have been to my loacal store and got a motherboard & memory bundle i have installed this corrrectly I am getting the BIOS screen and it and it reconises my hard drive - (press return on the option) and it tells me I have a 160gb hard drive in it how ever when I put my origional copy of xp in the disc drive it starts booting up and freezes on the the parts where its installing the new drivers sometimes i get the blus screen of death with the words usbohci.sys I took the hard drive out of my computer so i know it works I formatted itI even put vista on it and it wont go past the set up screen is there anyone out there who can help me without being to technical.it is an

    I have just been and swapped the motherboard and they changed it so i put that one in and it happened again I now so i took it back again and the system wont work I took the motherboard back then they suggested I try a higher power pack so I have done, guess what it does not work i am getting the blue screen of death when I do the 1st part of an install now it loads up the main drivers then it says starting windows just before u get to the format position I have tried this with the ide hard drive and the sata and still no luck I have also flashed the cmos? any ideas

    I have just been in to the BIOS and disabled all the USB's onboard atill nothing the only thing I havent changed on the bloody pc is the case

    Please help me
  2. dustin_ds3000

    dustin_ds3000 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 869   +8

    sounds like a problem with the ram
  3. VsUK

    VsUK TS Rookie

    Hello stockportrico, let me guess, you bought the bundle from maplic electronic's for £129'99 am i right? Ill tell you something, take the rubbish back. The motherboard is fine & cpu. But the memory they provide is a bog standard Unbranded memory purchased from a 3rd world country & sold with maplin's name on it. Unless you have your own ddr2 memory you can use, it wont work as the ddr2 they give you isnt worth the pcb bord its stuck to.
  4. stockportrico

    stockportrico TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tell you something - I did get the stuff from there and it was that i took it to my mates comp shop and ecs motherboard was faulty and he said 1 stick of ram was usless on the memory tester it was showing loads of error codes i spent 2 days on that heap of **** and also cost me more but i got the satisfaction that it was not something that i was doing wrong how did u know it was Maplin lol :) cheers thanks for answering my question though
  5. VsUK

    VsUK TS Rookie

    Because i used to work for maplin electronic's n i saw with my own eyes how they treat the items & when somethin gets broke because of staff messing about, they try n cover it up & sell it as new anyways as a sale goes towards each staff sales targets & at the end of the month, they get a bonus or yearly bonus for the highest sale rates.

    I hate maplin & how they try to sweet talk people into thinking this or that is a bargain & good quality, when in fact they searched the planet to get the cheapest versions of everything & up the prices to almost match what everyone else is selling very simalure items at. So to a new, inexperianced buyer, you would think you have a bargain, when in fact.. u got something that if your lucky, will actualy last 12 months or if your un lucky, it lasts 13 months n then fails..

    also, i spotted the bundle deal in the weakly emails i still get when i once registered :0) the motherboard, cpu are quality as cant buy cheap versions of those.. they have to be made by the company brand only.. however memory could be made from any old sod & sold to any retailer as unbranded hardware. Now all the retailer has to do is stick there own logo on them & bobs ur uncle.. Cheap maplin ddr2 memory.. kinda like there maplin batteries that cost u £2'99+ a pack, when it costs them 50p to buy n lasts 5 minutes :D or the dirt i could tell u..
  6. VsUK

    VsUK TS Rookie

    Just to note, Maplin's are now recalling all the sales of the mobo, cpu & memory bundle as the memory provided are deemed faulty & are recalling every one they have sold..
  7. stockportrico

    stockportrico TS Rookie Topic Starter

    About time lol horayyy
  8. VsUK

    VsUK TS Rookie

    ye, apparently people been constantly ringing maplin stores saying it dosnt work n so forth & they did a test in the service center on 5 bundles & all 5 had faulty memory.

    However, the motherboard & cpu are spot on, so if u still have problems, take the memory back & ask for alternative memory & also inform them that there cheif ex has issued an order to recall all the bundles & replace ones already sold with alternatives.

    thought ud like to know :D
  9. graham.smith7

    graham.smith7 TS Rookie

    I too made the mistake of buying one of these bundles, I couldn't format the hard drive so I took it back and they sent it to the service dept, and returned it "no fault found". I have since had the memory checked and it is indeed faulty, You say in your post that the Chief Exec has issued instructions that these bundles should be replaced with alternatives, do you have any proof of this, like an email or something that I can wave at them.

    many thanks
  10. VsUK

    VsUK TS Rookie

    Hi, no proof as such, I was in the Sheffield pinstone street store & I was there as the manager was told that they were recalling the motherboards.

    As for replacing for alternatives, I should apologize for the im correct wording. What I meant was, that the only defective part of the bundle is the memory & you are in your rights to request alternative memory, pre sealed in its own packaging of similar specifications to the one provided or a refund of the entire bundle itself as the fault has already been proven by maplins head office themselves that there is a fault with all memory provided.

    The motherboard & cpu work great as you cant really get 3rd world productions of such things, it has to be made by the brand themselves. As for memory, any willy nilly can make it & sell it as un-branded memory. On this case, the memory provided is High Density memory, which is much cheaper to make & is only compatible with a limited number of motherboards. However Low Density is compatible with all types of motherboards.

    If you still experience problems with maplins refusing to replace the memory with an alternative. Have them contact someone in regards to the matter at head office & they will soon be aware of the situation & your legal rights for a full refund (as you have received no enjoyment from your goods as its, as I presume not worked correctly from day one) also, your legal right as you was sold items that do not work together, regardless to the fact its just the memory at fault, it was sold as a bundle & therefore is seen by law as an item as a whole.

    Now I know maplins have kindly printed on there receipts that there is no refunds for hardware & blah de blah. But the law is on your side & if you want a full refund, you should go for it. However if you wish to just have the memory replaced with one that’s packaged on its own, that to is your right.

    Feel free to print this out for the kind people to read at your local store..
  11. graham.smith7

    graham.smith7 TS Rookie

    Many thanks VsUK, I'll let you know how I get on.
  12. graham.smith7

    graham.smith7 TS Rookie

    I phoned them today and was told that the bundle on recall was the A95HD...and I have the A98HT.....so I am going to take the memory back on it's own and see where that gets me!
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