Ecs-motherboard sudden no post

By filimarcus
Apr 25, 2010
  1. this pc is running fine almost a years, then one day, i normally power it up all of a sudden it display a quick BSOD, then restart itself very quick. I try this option-safemode, last known good config., it really can't boot to windows. i try to repair windows using windows rec. console with my xp cd but it hangs..and freezes on screen and no response on keyboard, i try this a few times but still it freezes. I go to Cmos it still freezes. The last option I did was opening the case and try reseatting the ram and cleaning the dust on heatsink itself. This time when i powered the post no signal,and no display..i try clearing the cmos and another ram still no post, i removed the battery and change with a working one still no post do you think my mobo is dead. Is there any option to get my mobo to get it signal and post again? Pls. help me guys I don't want to buy a new mobo. Is there any option to repair this mobo.?
  2. Tmagic650

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    This might have been caused by a failed hard drive in the beginning. Now it may well be a bad motherboard
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