Eerie... mouse is a ghost

By gbhall
Dec 18, 2008
  1. On my ASUS K8V-MX motherboard, I have recently been finding every time I completely cut the power to my PC I had to reset all the bios settings. Decided the battery was run down, so replaced it, but upon test the battery (4 years old or so), tested fine. Since then I have again cut power twice, once to upgrade memory and once to try to solve a printer-not-printing problem by resetting the parallel port type.

    Every time, I still have to reset the bios, even with the new battery - why?

    Now another odd thing developed since the last refresh of the bios, and/or installation of a new USB printer, my optical mouse now stays on even when the PC is switched off but still connected to the mains (the mouse is asleep, the LED goes dim, but not off).

    Since new, I took a careful note of the bios settings, I doubt if anything is set differently now to what it should be, and this is merely giving me the twitches (a dim, eerie light at night from the mouse that is). Anyone have any ideas? Is the motherboard failing slowly?
  2. red1776

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    Did ya ever see the movie 'The Ring'?:evil::D, anyway, When my bios went missing everytime I shut it down a few years ago, thats what it was. all I know to do with a failing motherboard is to replace it, im sure someone with more expertise will be around with more insight into this, but its sounds the same to me. as far as your cordless mouse, them thar critters have batteries in them dont forget....or my evil little child theory.
  3. gbhall

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    And the answer is .....

    Do you find it irritating when helping someone, that the last thing posted might give the solution, but the original poster often does not confirm if this is true or not.

    In the spirit of this moan, I now describe the full solution to the 'ghostly mouse' question. It is caused by another device also plugged into a USB connection - a USB hard drive - which is self-powered.. Clearly device is supplying enough spill-over power, even when sleeping, that it keeps the mouse alive as well. If you say bad design, I would agree.
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