Egypt bans YouTube for a month over 2012 Prophet Muhammad video


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Science is scrutiny and testing and questioning …
yet every sky worshipper avoids questions, can't handle scrutiny, and deny testing or history …
So what happens when a delusional person is faced with facts and data?, basic triggering of fight or flight ..

But those worshippers love to fight, until they realize they can't justify the EVIL they commit in the name of their sky god. (sexism, bigotry, hatred, violence, discrimination)

sky worshippers tend to lean towards violence when they claim peace

and in a battle of knowledge and wit I just feel wrong attacking unarmed individuals ;)


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I have a degree in science … they have what is KNOWN as the scientific method … sky gods all fail this test, keep your delusions but remember this, you have never spoken to god, gods haven't done anything in history. And keep up your anti-Semitic views of Jews don't believe in heaven so they all go to hell and your sexist views of women are responsible for sin .. etc. etc. … all sky worshippers are EVIL people because they follow violent and misleading doctrines.

You are a hypocritical psychopath who needs therapy and de-brainwashing .. reality isn't close to your views, seek help and take care

sky gods? Let me guess. You believe in sky aliens?

How do you know he hasn't spoken to God? Any time you pray to God you do. I could go on, but you wouldn't believe me. You have a hard heart and a hard and narrow-minded head.

You are waaaay off on your opinions. It is very clear you know nothing about faith nor any of the religions. By the way, Jews do believe in Heaven. SMH. How do you know there is no God? Are you omniscient?

Your gods are the scientists who claim they know everything. Every day someone else shows how stupid they were and also claim all knowledge. Evolution and billions of years are just theories. They are non-observable. But that is a whole other conversation.

Every single one of us is a hypocrite. Like Michael Jackson's song says - look at the man in the mirror.