Electronic Arts files for Jade Empire trademark, hinting at a franchise revival


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If you've been a fan of popular RPG developer Bioware since the studio's inception, you've probably heard of (or even played) Jade Empire.

Often considered one of the quirkiest titles the developer has ever created, Jade Empire took Bioware's signature focus on story, player choice, and character development and translated it into a beautiful Chinese fantasy world.

Though the game's somewhat-clunky martial arts combat system drew a few complaints, Jade Empire is still seen as one of Bioware's best works. Its Steam reviews, which currently sit at "Mostly Positive," are ample evidence of that.

However, many undoubtedly feel that the game doesn't hold up all that well in 2019. Unless you grew up with it (or similar titles), it's unlikely that you'd choose to play it over some of Bioware's newer projects, such as Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Fortunately, it sounds like Bioware's publisher EA may just be planning to revive the franchise for modern audiences. As spotted by PCGamesN, the company filed for a new Jade Empire trademark on January 25. The trademark is classified under "Goods and Services," and more specifically, "Entertainment services."

Obviously, a trademark filing alone isn't concrete proof that EA wants to make an entirely new AAA game in the Jade Empire universe. For all we know, the publisher could just be cementing its intellectual property rights or planning a remaster.

Still, given that the original Jade Empire launched way back in 2005, now (or in the coming months) would be the perfect time to announce a follow-up. Bioware's fans are dying for a quality single-player RPG; particularly given the disappointment that Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda have sparked among players.

If you've never played Jade Empire before, now is a great time to give it a shot. If you pick up the game's Special Edition up via Steam before February 12, it'll only cost you a mere $3.74 due to the platform's ongoing Lunar New Year sale.

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It was a good game indeed. Unfortunately, "old school" Bioware died around 2009-2010. What we have left now are EAware games crayoned on top of Bioware's now empty shell:-

Jade Empire 2020 EA Edition:-
- Grind +500hrs for chi or buy our new Focus "time saver" Micro-Transactions for $3!
- Hand to hand skill tree DLC - unlock for just $5!
- Lootboxes, cosmetics are just the start!
- Designed for controllers, that means 90% of tactics & fighting styles will be removed and complex conversation trees reduced to 3x responses, just like Dragon Age 2! It's not dumbing down, it's streamlining for the casual audience!
- Inclusivity based characters - now every NPC is a bi-sexual hedonistic nymphomaniac obsessed with their sex lives whilst everyone else is trying to save the world!
- High historical accuracy - now Spirit Monk comes with cybernetic enhancements! If you think that doesn't fit this non-Cyberpunk game's era or setting, then you must hate all women!
- Don't like it? Don't buy it!
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