Elon Musk teases an 'unexpected' Tesla product next week

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Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk recently teased on Twitter that his company will be unveiling a new product on October 17 that is “unexpected” by most.

In typical Musk fashion, the executive elected not to provide any additional details on the upcoming product, instead opting to let the collective Internet conjure up its own theories (it’s always more fun that way, right?).

So, what might Musk have in the pipeline for next Monday? Digital Trends has a few possible ideas.

When Musk unveiled the highly anticipated Model 3 earlier this year, he promised additional features and upgrades would be added before the mainstream sedan goes into production next year. The publication believes Tesla may be ready to unpack and share those details next week.

Tesla last month rolled out a new version of its Autopilot software with a heavier reliance on radar. It’s entirely plausible to think that Musk and company may also have some new Autopilot hardware to show off in the near future.

Yet another scenario could see Tesla unveil a new entry-level option for its Model X SUV. The company quietly dropped the entry-level Model X 60D from its lineup just a few days ago – could it be a sign of things to come?

Barring any major leaks, we won’t really know what Musk has in store until October 17. Less than two weeks later on October 28, Tesla and SolarCity will have a major announcement of their.

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...that explode into the distance, like a ray of light,....arh, hm, no, correction, they just explode...


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Electric super bike :)

I vote for this! Although realistically it probably wouldn't happen. Loud bikes are safer and electric is silent. Bikes already get like 40+ MPG so it's not like you're even saving much gas.

Still - I bet a Tesla bike would be awesome


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Unexpected........hmm....does that mean something outside of what they usually make? They make vehicles (space and civilian) so maybe they're going into the mobile phone industry? Maybe make a phone that connects to and works seamlessly with their cars? Maybe they're going into the battery industry? Making either cell phone batteries or a new type of regular batteries (AA, AAA, D, C, etc.)?


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This guy changed the car industry and announced he is going to mars in a public transport bus for 100 people at a time just like that and now he has something unexpected? LOL


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Elon, please work on teleportation.
Oups... I guess he won't. It would make cars and rockets obsolete. ;)
Elon, please work on teleportation.
Oups... I guess he won't. It would make cars and rockets obsolete. ;)
He's not the type to let profit get in the way of innovation. Especially if it were something like teleportation. Cars just will not be obsolete for a very, very long time. If such an innovation could occur in his lifetime, it would be far more profitable than tesla anyways.


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Musk likes to tease things he can't deliver. Why would someone think think this is any different?

As long as he's managed to talk the stock price up with the privartization scam, he'll keep running his mouth with imaginary product to keep it there,

After all kiddies, the only things he's really sold out of recently are the Tesla surfboard, and "the boring company's" flamethrower. IIRC, they only made 200 surfboards

And really, how hard were those to design, build, and deliver.

So, whatever Musk does announce, there is always the possibility people will be asking for their deposits back, a few months down the road.
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