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Nov 20, 2008
  1. My client currently has two user profiles: one for him and one for his wife, and also two separate email accounts, again, one for him and one for his wife. However, he wants to delete one account so they can all use one user profile (don't ask me why!). Is there a way to have two accounts on the same page in Outlook 2003? (for example, one account at the top of the Outlook sidebar, one below it?)
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    That is half what I'm looking for, thankyou. The other half: in the column where Outlook says Inbox, Sent, etc below each other, is there a way to display all profiles in that one column?
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    Let's seen if we're all on the same page.

    You have two user logins but wish to have both users share the same email account
    and email/inbox
    ie: both users see each other's email.

    Don't think this will work!
    Each user login has a private area
    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\userLogin\
    Vista: C:\Users\userLogin\​
    The Outlook PST (where the Calendar, Contacts and Emails are kept) are located
    below the userLogin location,
    this says each Login has a separate PST.

    Yes, both users could configure the same ISP email account, but then
    User#1 could download User#2 email and when User#2 logs on, no email would be
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    Yes, both users want to see each ithers' emails, but they both want separate accounts - ie 1 for him, one for her but they both want them on the page when Outlook starts
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    Which type of email service are they using? (Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc)?

    I found in Outlook 2003 used with Microsoft Exchange you can go to Tools > Email Accounts > With the radial button on "View or change existing e-mail accounts" click Next > With the current mailbox selected click Change... > Click the "More Settings..." button at the bottom > Go to the Advanced tab of this window > Click "Add under Open these additional mailboxes". Here you should be able to add the other mailbox to that Outlook profile.

    This will only work if both Exchange accounts are in the same organization.
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    It's a POP3 account
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    your clients are weird.
    Can you not; file > open > outlook data file > [choose the other account]
    This will open it below the main users inbox.
    In the send and receive menu can you not 'choose' which account to check emails for?
    I'm on exchange so i can't remember if you can do it this way with pop3.

    Alternatively, if they both want to look at each others emails, just create rules which drop relative mails messages into folders. You could also set up the account options to 'leave messages on the server' so that both can download the same message.
    But tbh they're all messy ways to do this, and i can't see why they want to do it, its pointless.
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    That's the way they want to do it!

    That's what I said, but that's the way they want to do it
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    if they are your clients tommy just advise them its baaad mm'kayy? And not practically manageable. If they ignore your advise as their IT guru, give em a virus! :evil:
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