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By Darrenbilly
May 22, 2009
  1. Not too sure if i have posted this in the right section?

    I have Cpanel to run my website (hosted by vodahost) I need to have email addresses saved so that i can send a newsletter to them all regularly. Does anyone know how to set one up, i do have windows live mail.

    Also, i will be setting up an auto responder, this will be sent when they enter their info on the newsletter sign up form. Is there any way i can have it so that their email address or name is automatically entered into the email? I.e Dear |Mr Joe Bloggs| thank you for........

    Thanks in advance
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,138   +985

    First, all email on a webserver has nothing to do with your Windows Live Mail. Outbound email is generated from the webserver and usually uses the SENDMAIL interface with a CGI script.

    The users emails come to you on some form (which goes to a CGI script for processing) and needs to be saved (ususally in a database like MySQL) for future use.
    The info@yourdomain drives another CGI script to output your content -- this is usually an on-demand service and not used for newsletters.

    Newsletter are typically created by
    1. authoring content and saving it on the server
    2. creating a subscription list from some form and saving the inputs
    3. scheduling a script that performs
      for each subscriber
      send current newsletter​

    All that said, you can always download files from your webserver to your system
    which would allow you to work as you please, but then you would disclose your personal email address to the subscribers and not show the content as originating from your website as they would expect.
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